0131 524 9399

Tenants Emergencies

Out of hours emergency

The landlord will only pay for contractors to attend to the property out of office hours in the event of a genuine emergency. Should a contractor attend unnecessarily, you may be held liable for the costs of the visit. Before calling the emergency number, please check the following.

Gas – If you smell gas or suspect a leak, contact the National Grid on 0800 111 999. Open the windows and do not turn on any electrical appliances.

Electrical Faults – Check your fuseboard for blown fuses/RCD switches and then check with the neighbours to establish if there has been a general power cut in your area. You can report power cuts to Scottish Power Energy Networks 0800 092 9290.

Smoke Detector Faults – If there is a regular beep from a detector, this means the battery needs replacing. If there is a fault with a detector, they sometimes will all sound. In this case, you can usually establish which detector is causing the issue as the LED light will flash a different colour (usually red). In the case of a false alarm which does not turn off after a few mins, you will need to remove the detector head. A good video on Youtube on how to do this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0USLF2rsl9Q

Heating & Hot Water – This is only deemed an emergency if the weather is below freezing or there is a baby in the property. If you have a combi boiler, please check that your boiler pressure is between 1 and 2 bar and top up if below 1. If you cannot find the user manual to your boiler try an internet search using the make and model or youtube for instructional videos.

Water Leaks – for minor leaks or roof leaks, please catch the water in a container and inform the office the next working day. For significant leaks from your property, locate the stopcock and turn off the water supply. Then call the emergency number or plumber. If water is coming from an upstairs property, alert the occupants and ask them to shut off the source of the leak. Should no-one be in the upstairs property, leave a note and contact the council on 0131 200 2000 and ask for the water ingress team. Our plumber Geoff Lennie can be contacted on 07969 769 153 if the leak is from your property.

Emergency numbers

Splendid Property Management (office hours) 0131 524 9399
Splendid Property Emergency 0131 252 5164
24 Hour Locksmith – Lockstar Locks 0131 258 0909
24 Hour Plumber – G. Lennie Plumbing 07969 769 153

Calling a contractor out with normal working hours will incur increased call out rates therefore you should only call these numbers in case of an emergency and when absolutely necessary. Tradesmen calling out of hours may only carry out minimal work to remove any immediate issues, if further repairs are required these will be carried out during normal working hours.

These details are provided as a courtesy and if you are unable to connect to any of the contractors detailed above for any reason please make alternative arrangements and notify us during normal office hours on the next working day. Refunds will be provided for any reasonable costs incurred.

Useful Numbers

Splendid Property Management 0131 524 9399
Splendid Property Emergency 0131 252 5164
Locksmith – 24 Hour (Lockstar Locks) 0131 258 0909
Plumber – 24 Hour (Geoff Lennie) 07969 769 153
Edinburgh Council
(for water ingress from another flat where you cannot get hold of occupiers)
0131 200 2000
Refuse Collection (Council) 0131 529 3030
Stair lighting (Council) 0131 52 95757
Pest Control (Council) 0131 666 2623
Scottish Power 0845 272 7999
Scottish Water 0845 601 8855
National Grid (Gas Leak) 0800 111 999
Edinburgh Noise Team 0131 311 3131

Maintenance Videos

YouTube is a fantastic resource for instructional videos on how to do basic maintenance, just type in what you want to see. A few of the most common maintenance fixes are available in the links below.

Smoke detector – how to remove head


Fuseboard & resetting rcd trip switches


How to bleed a radiator